Episode 104 - LOVE! Devil Color! With Magic, the Devil can do anything!
Pri Para ep 104 title screen
Kanji LOVE!デビル色!魔力があればなんでもデビル!
Season 3
Episode Number 104
Air Date 07-12-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Reversible Ring

Ready Smile!!

Coord(s) Gaarumageddon Pink Heart Coord

Gaarumageddon Blue Club Coord
Gaarumageddon Red Dia Coord
Super Cyalume Mikan Coord
Super Cyalume Aroma Coord

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Previous Episode Episode 103 - I've Become a Failed Idol
Next Episode Episode 105 - Gaaruru, wake up-dechu!

LOVE! Devil Color! With Magic, the Devil can do anything! is the 15th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 104th episode in the series overall. It aired on July 12th, 2016.


To celebrate the 222nd anniversary of the opening of Parajuku's PriPara, a new brand is created. It's been decided that the designer for that brand is to be chosen from among the idols that have potential for the future. And a candidate chosen for this is none other than Aroma!


Meganii from Pripari PriPara arrives to announce that it is the 222nd anniversary of the founding of PriPara. To celebrate he wants to create a special coord to mark the occasion, and asks the idols of Parajuku to submit their own ideas for the coord. The ideas will be judged by Ajimi and Cosmo who will pick the winning design. Aroma decides to enter and spends all night designing the coord she thinks is worthy of being chosen. Unfortunately, the next morning, Aroma is so tired she gets her design mixed up with a recipe for noodle soup Neko had dropped earlier. When Mikan and Gaaruru realize the mistake, they try to catch up with Aroma, but are too late as Aroma has already submitted it just as the deadline is reached. Unfortunately none of the designs are chosen and the contest is considered a failure. Aroma becomes upset and falls asleep crying. But when she wakes up she feels much better and realizes that she still has her friends. Suddenly inspired she designs a new coord and has Meganee create it for Garomageddon's next performance. After Mikan and Aroma perform, Jewlulu sends them to the Divine Idol Stage to receive super Cyalume Coords. Both Aroma and Mikan are overjoyed but realize Gaaruru didn't come with them. Gaaruru however is really pleased for them and promises she'll work really hard to earn her own Super Cyalume Coord. Meganii tells Pripari Meganii that Aroma's coord is clearly the winner for the contest, pointing out that because of the time difference between Parajuku and Pripari, Aroma's coord was still submitted before the deadline. Pripari Meganii officially announces Aroma as the winner and the Coord is sold at every PriPara around the world.

Major Events

  • This episode marks the debut of a new brand, LOVE DEVI.
  • Aroma and Mikan receive their Super Cyalume Coords.


Video Gallery

-HD- Pripara - プリパラ 104 - Reversible Ring & KAMI CHALLENGE

-HD- Pripara - プリパラ 104 - Reversible Ring & KAMI CHALLENGE

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