Episode 103 - I've Become a Failed Idol
Pri Para ep 103 title screen
Kanji 落第アイドル始めちゃいました
Season 3
Episode Number 102
Air Date 07-05-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Ready Smile!!
Coord(s) SoLaMi♡SMILE Lovely Coord

SoLaMi♡SMILE Pop Coord
SoLaMi♡SMILE Cool Coord

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I've Become a Failed Idol is the 14th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 103rd episode in the series overall. It aired on July 5th, 2016.


As she is busy taking care of Jululu and going to PriPara, Laala always forgets to study and received the lowest mark record on the test. Headmistress Gloria is very worried with her, and during a home visit, she tells Laala that if she fails the next test, she will not be allowed to go to PriPara. Laala tries her best to work hard, but...


Laala is doing her best to look after Jewlulu but her grades have slipped because of it. Headmistress Gloria comes round to Laala's house to have a chat with Laala and her mother Himeka about her grades. Gloria tells Laala that if her grades don't improve she will not be allowed to attend PriPara anymore. Things are made worse when Jewlulu makes an unexpected appearance leaving Laala to explain to Gloria and her mother about the situation. Gloria decides to take care of Jewlulu so that Laala can concentrate on passing her tests, much to Laala's dismay. Laala asks her friends to help her study which they do while Gloria finds it's not as easy looking after a baby, especially when Jewlulu keeps crying for Laala. The result is that Gloria ends up tired, and falls asleep causing Jewlulu to wonder off in Pripara to look for Laala. Meanwhile Laala manages to pass all her tests except one which she narrowly fails to get the grade. Laala becomes upset feeling she has disappointed everyone, but Mirei appears and tells her of the trouble in Pripara with Jewlulu. Jewlulu has managed to climb up to a catwalk above the performance stage and is in danger of falling. Luckily Laala manages to get her to go back into her compact and catches it as it falls from the catwalk. Laala begs Gloria to let her keep Jewlulu and still attend Pripara, to which she agrees after seeing how much Jewlulu responds to Laala. SoLaMi Smile then perform using their new Super Cyalume Coords. Afterwards Himeka agrees to help Laala look after Jewlulu at home.

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Pripara - プリパラ 103 - Ready Smile!!

Pripara - プリパラ 103 - Ready Smile!!

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