Episode 102 - Ever-changing Appearance! Jewel Change~poyo♡
Pri Para ep 102 title screen
Kanji 変幻自在!ジュエルチェンジぽよ♡
Season 3
Episode Number 102
Air Date 06-28-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Run♪ for Jumping!
Coord(s) Violet Crosswalk Coord

Blue Sky Crosswalk Coord
Scarlet Crosswalk Coord
Laala and Faruru Ribbon Coord
Brilliant Prince Cyalume Coord
Cheerleader Shine Coord
Wonderland Macaron Coord
White Swan Coord
Gorgeous Pearl Coord
Escort Cinema Coord
Leaf Dance Coord

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Ever-changing Appearance! Jewel Change~poyo♡ is the 13th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 102nd episode in the series overall. It aired on June 28th, 2016.


After the first Divine Idol Grand Prix, Laala Manaka and her friends, who finally could have a rest, receive an invitation from Hibiki Shikyouin. Under Hibiki's recommendation, a famous movie director would like to let everyone take part in a movie. Just who is the movie director appearing in front of Laala and her friends who are rubbing their hands?


Laala receives a call from Hibiki, who has arranged for a film director to make a film starring Laala and her friends, as a present for winning the first round of the Divine Idol Grand Prix. The next day at Pripara all the idols wait for the arrival of the director, who turns out to be a large cylinder shaped robot who looks like Meganee. The robot introduces herself as Mechanee, who is a first generation Meganee. Although skeptical at first, Laala and the others decides to go along with Mechanee's requests. Mechanee asks everyone about what story they would like the film to have, so Laala comes up with a story about Shion as a Lovely idol who brings color to the lives of everyone to make them happy. While Shion scoffs the idea, Mechanee accepts it and assigns everyone roles. Mechanee also gives everyone Divine Jewels which mixes up their idol types and reveals they will not change back until the film is complete. Shion is distraught at having to play a Lovely idol because she cannot break character from her cool persona. This frustrates Mechanee who begins to act erratically. When this behavior endangers Jewlulu, Shion is able to force herself to act like a Lovely idol and calm down Mechanee to save Jewlulu and finish the film. Afterwards Dressing Pafe perform a live using their new Super Cyalume Coords but it turns out the film was a disaster. It is revealed that Hibiki arranged the event as a joke, with Fuwari revealing the Mechanee is actually a terrible director. But Hibiki gets her comeuppance when Ajimi shows up unexpectedly.

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(HD) PriPara - Episode 102 - Dressing Pafé - ☆Run for Jumping!! --1

(HD) PriPara - Episode 102 - Dressing Pafé - ☆Run for Jumping!! --1

(HD) PriPara - Episode 102 - Shion - Rainbow Melody -

(HD) PriPara - Episode 102 - Shion - Rainbow Melody -

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