Episode 100 - Tension 100 MAX!
Pri Para ep 100 title screen
Kanji テンション100MAXだよ!
Season 3
Episode Number 100
Air Date 06-14-16
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!

Run♪ for Jumping!
Ready Smile!!

Coord(s) Violet Crosswalk Coord

Blue Sky Crosswalk Coord
Scarlet Crosswalk Coord
Super Cyalume Dorothy Coord

Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 99 - Youth Jumping Snapping!
Next Episode Episode 101 - It has come! The Divine Idol Grand Prix!

Tension 100 MAX! is the 11th episode of the third season of the PriPara anime series and the 100th episode in the series overall. It aired on June 14th, 2016.


Dorothy, who gets to look after Jewlulu alone, tries everything to put her in a good mood, but Jewlulu doesn't show the slightest interest in anything she does. As Jewlulu wants to escape into the Rosette Pact, Dorothy tries to stop her, but somehow both of them end up inside the Pact...!


Dorothy is still upset over not receiving a Super Cyalume Coord, and blames Jewlulu. However, Shion tells her it's her own fault for not taking care of Jewlulu properly. In Pripara, Laala and the others decide to leave Dorothy to look after Jewlulu alone. Dorothy tries to charm Jewlulu into liking her, but Jewlulu ignores her and goes into her compact. Dorothy tries to stop her, and is transported into the compact with Jewlulu. Realising she is stuck, Dorothy tries to befriend Jewlulu by having fun with her, but ends up taking over so Jewlulu goes to find Laala, leaving Dorothy trapped. After a series of unfortunate encounters, the compact ends up on the bank of a river until it is found by Sion and Reona. Sion attempts to break Dorothy out of the compact but ends up dropping it into the river. Jewlulu transports herself into the compact and Dorothy reconciles with her before being released. Dorothy thanks Jewlulu and Dressing Pafe perform a Live, after which Jewlulu reluctantly sends Dorothy to the Divine Idol Stage to receive a Super Cyalume Coord.

Major Events

  • Dorothy received her Super Cyalume Coord.

Character Appearances


  • In Japan, this episode was part of a contest celebrating the 100th episode. If the viewer could name all of the instances in which the number 100 was mentioned or shown, they would be entered for a chance to win a golden Cyalume Jewel Mic toy. The first prize winners recieved merchandise that was exclusive to Prism Stone shops, and the second place winners recieved a CD of PriPara ☆ Dancing!!!.

Video Gallery

-60fps- Pripara - プリパラ 100 - Run♪ for Jumpin'! & KAMI CHALLENGE

-60fps- Pripara - プリパラ 100 - Run♪ for Jumpin'! & KAMI CHALLENGE

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