Episode 06 - Objection? Laala's Coming Over To My Place-Pri!
Pripara Epiosde 6 Preview 03
Season 1 Episode 6
Season 1
Episode Number 6
Air Date August 9, 2014
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha!

Solar Flare Sherbet (Briefly)

Coord(s) Freshly Picked Lime Coord

Freshly Picked Orange Coord

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Objection? Laala's Coming Over To My Place-Pri! (異議あり? らぁらがウチ二やってきたっぷり! Igiari? Laala ga Uchi ni Yattekitappuri!) is the 6th episode of PriPara, and it first aired on August 9th, 2014.


Laala and Mirei head to the Minami household to practice their 194 jump plan and think of a brand new Making Drama without fear of being caught by Headmistress Gloria. But tension rises when it's realized that Mirei's parents both expect her to become an idol based on their own professions instead of what she wants.


In PriPara, Laala and Mirei are busy listening to a song Kuma has brought to them. While Laala likes it, Mirei isn't too impressed over it, causing Kuma to begin to yell at her for her lack of consideration. He explains how important it is for an idol to have a personal song wrote just for her and he plans on having them show it off in two days.

Elsewhere, Sophie has just finished her performance and is greeted by her fan club. They compliment her work for the day and she thanks them, only to suddenly go limp and fall asleep. They give her a pickled plum to return her to "normal".

Mirei explains their current idol standings and mentions that she and Laala will need to increase their ranking before they can even try to partake in the auditions that Sophie does. However, she has an idea for the announcement of their new song, and they will unveil a brand new Making Drama specifically for it. With those plans, the girls transform and head into PriPara to get to training. To their surprise however, the training rooms are all used up and plenty of girls are waiting for their own turn.

Defeated by this, Mirei suggests they head to Laala's to practice there.

At Papa's Pasta, Gloria is in the middle of a meal when she brings up Laala not being there. She gets frustrated after her mother brings up that Laala went to hang out with a friend, claiming that friendship is worthless, but she quickly changes the subject by asking them for more food.

Outside, Laala and Mirei watch from the window and complain over this. With no other option, Mirei decides to bring Laala to her home for training instead, and while excited, Laala is worried over Mirei's parents. But her fears are quickly put to rest when she meets Mirei's mother, who mentions how rare it is for Mirei to bring over a friend. They head up to Mirei's bedroom to see what looks to be Kuma in pillow form, and a huge Pop-style painting. These both fluster Mirei so she changes the subject by bringing focus to their plans until Laala gets distracted by a photo album and starts looking through it.

Mirei scolds Laala before they sit down and asks her how she was able to think of the Making Drama they performed last time. Laala explains her thought process to her, saying that a Making Drama is a feeling they convey in a message to their fans. Their first step would be to determine what they wish to convey, but they are unable to think long over it after Mirei's father interrupts to invite the girls to have tea with him and her mother.

As the four enjoy the snack, Laala thinks about how refined and nice Mirei's parents are and momentarily compares them to the hectic household she lives in. They start to discuss how much they enjoy the food of Papa's Pasta, causing her to snap out of it and ask what her parents careers are. Her dad is a prosecutor, while her mother is an Attorney, but Laala is unable to understand so they try to show her an example. Suddenly, Mirei's parents begin to argue, using their profession knowledge to decide if pudding or cookies would be better with the tea. They make Mirei act as a judge soon after, while Laala only watches with surprise until she is called as a witness. They ask which one she would prefer but she is unable to decide.

Eventually, Mirei decides that they will have both the cookies and pudding, and with that the meal returns to normal. Mirei's parents apologize for how random that was, but this happens quite often and they refuse to quit until someone acts as a judge for them. But they claim this strengthens their love for each other.

Later on the girls return to Mirei's room. They resume trying to think of a brand new Making Drama, but feel stuck. Laala goes on to explain how much fun she's been having lately after, and in that she realizes what she wants to convey to the fans. Before she thought she was happy, but now as an idol she's as happy as every separate happy time put together.

Satisfied by this, Mirei adds happiness to her calculations when they are interrupted by Mirei's feuding parents once more. They go to see that they are fussing over Mirei's future career and Laala grabs Mirei's judge items until Mirei warns her it's senseless - because this is the only argument she can't control. All they can do is wait for it to die down, something Laala isn't very happy to hear while wondering if her parents even know she is an Idol. It's then she gets an idea and runs back to Mirei's room to grab the photo album she wanted to look at. She yells at Mirei's parents and discusses how well they normally get along, showing them various pictures.

This plan seems to work and they quit their arguing and recall how entranced Mirei was by the PriPara Program with Saints on. Ever since then Mirei has dreamed of becoming an idol, which surprises Laala since she had no idea they knew. It turns out they want her to be an idol for law, by becoming a prosecutor idol or an attorney idol. This earns annoyance from Mirei, who wants to strictly be a Pop idol. She thanks Laala for the help and is inspired for the brand new Making Drama, asking Laala to leave it to her.

In PriPara the girls transform and head straight to the performance area. They change outfits and perform on stage. After, the results are soon announced and the girls stand on a platform. It is shown that Mirei and Laala have passed the audition, and not only that, but Mirei's parents watched the performance. They comment on how wonderful it was, but they both refuse to give up on what sort of idol they want Mirei to become.

Elsewhere, Sophie happened to notice the girls for a moment until Sadako reminds her that her turn is coming up. She follows her into the performance area and takes off, just as Laala and Mirei come into the room and celebrate their rank up.

Character Appearances

Major Events

  • Mirei's Parents make their official debut in this episode.
  • A new insert song is revealed, breaking Make It's five-episode featured insert song chain.
  • We learn Mirei's mother and father want her to be an Idol Lawyer.
  • Mirei goes a class up and is now in the same idol level as Sophie.


  • This is the first episode Laala & Mirei perform with a new stage, new song and a new Making Drama.
  • This is the first episode where Make It was not one of the insert songs.
  • It is revealed that Gloria is now a regular at Papa's Pasta.
  • The silhouettes shown after Laala and Mirei's performance are of various trio units from the Pretty Rhythm series - MARs, Happy Rain, Bell Rose, COSMOs, Sprouts, and P&P.


PriPara Episode 6 Preview

PriPara Episode 6 Preview

(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 6 - Laala & Mirei - Make Up A Ha Ha!-1

(HD) PriPara プリパラ - EPISODE 6 - Laala & Mirei - Make Up A Ha Ha!-1


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