Episode 01 - I Became an Idol!
Laala Mireille Cyalume Pose
Season 1, Episode 1
Kanji アイドル始めちゃいました!
Season 1
Episode Number 1
Air Date July 5, 2014
Performance Information
Insert Song(s) Make It
Coord(s) Cutie Ribbon Coord
Magical Clown Coord
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I Became an Idol! (アイドル始めちゃいました!, Aidoru Hajimechaimashita!) is the 1st episode of PriPara, and first aired on July 5th, 2014. 


Laala Manaka, a fifth grader is given a chance to live out the dream of becoming an idol after going to Prism Stone to find the owner of the PriTicket bag she found.


One morning Laala happens to spot a performance by her favorite idol group known as "Saints", a group that gave their final performance three years ago. She is excited until her mother scolds her and tells her to sit down for breakfast. They soon get into an argument before she leaves to meet with her friend, who she struggles to keep up with since she left early. 

They resume heading to school while discussing the Saints special that was on PriPara TV that morning and reveal how at that one special moment, a girl will find her own PriPara Ticket and is invited to join the PriPara world, a paradise for all aspiring idols. Nao reveals that she has received her own PriPara ticket just recently, much to Laala's surprise. She is happy for her, but rather depressed that she has yet to get one for herself.

Upon arrival the headmistress reveals that they will be checking for any and all possible PriPara tickets the students may have. Laala is highly concerned for Nao, but she assures her that she hid it in the secret pocket in the back of her collar, and due to her long hair it will be hard for them to find it. Gloria takes out Rina, her PriTicket sucking device and confiscates every single PriPara ticket; including Nao's before demanding that anyone who left them at home should bring them in to her desk the next day. 

Further depressed the girls head to Music class while trying to determine what Gloria has against young students going into PriPara but they are unable to come up with any good ideas. Nao brings up that she wasn't able to debut before attending the school, unlike Sophie- the only student allowed to go into PriPara who can't have her items taken from her. For a moment Laala is surprised to see that Nao truly wanted to become an idol before she admits that she prefers to just watch them when she realizes she forgot her recorder back in class. She tells Nao to go ahead and runs back, only to be stopped by the Head Disciplinarian, Minami. She is scolded for running in the hallways but Laala points out that because they're outside it shouldn't be a problem. This fails to get past Minami and she gives her the ninety-sixth transgression paper. 

Eventually Laala arrives home and is very worn out. She helps a customer with their order before asking if she may have gotten a PriPara Ticket while away, but her mom is unable to recall anything. She asks Laala to run out and grab some tomato since their supply is running low, and while initially too tired, Laala is forced to go anyway. She runs into town and spots a PriTicket Bag lying on the ground and looks inside to find a bunch of tickets. Despite calling for "Mirei", she gets no responses. While she remembers the tomato she needs to get, she feels that finding Mirei is more important and runs to the nearby Prism Stone, where the entrance to PriPara is located. 

Inside, Meganee greets Laala who briefs her on the situation. Meganee mentions that Mirei has already gone inside and pulls Laala towards the gate, although Laala attempts to tell her that she doesn't have her own Ticket. However, by dumb-luck one suddenly appears out of nowhere and floats down to the top of her head. She is very happy, but recalls how she isn't allowed to go into PriPara until Meganee convinces her to go inside to deliver Mirei's bag. She has an audition that day and needs it to perform.

With that she observes the curious Laala before deciding that she would fit the brand Twinkle Ribbon, and sets it for her stage outfit. She suggests that Laala try to perform while there for some experience and leads her to the scanner. Laala does as told and transforms into the Cutie Ribbon Coord, appearing in PriPara before growing surprised to see her aged up appearance. Excitedly she listens as a Meganee explains why this is, along with why she happens to look like the woman from Prism Stone shop. She wishes Laala to have a nice visit and takes off. 

Laala observes everything surrounding her and finds herself amazed by all of the sights, then she starts to run through the streets while calling for Mirei again. But once more nobody responds to her. 

Elsewhere, Mirei is yelling at Kuma for signing her up for a unit audition. She is very angry and threatens to break contract with him if he doesn't fix it by finding her a partner; which he doesn't take seriously until realizing she meant it. He flies off to try to find someone willing to pay him attention until he gets smacked by Laala when she accidentally swings the bag. She is surprised to see him and he reveals that he is a Mascot Manager for idols, causing her to apologize. She explains that she is new to PriPara and doesn't know what to do, and in all of the commotion Mirei approaches. 

Happy to have found the bags owner, Laala hands it over and recalls how she found it in town. Mirei goes on to reveal that having it doesn't matter though, as she needs a partner for her pair audition and asks Laala to be that partner. Laala tries to tell her that she hasn't performed or even danced before, but Mirei thinks it might be okay since she likes PriPara. While hesitant, Laala is unable to refuse and they exchange names before heading to PriPara TV. 

When it is announced the registration for the Fresh Idol Live will be closing the girls hurry inside as entry number six, Pretty App starts to perform. While they wait an anxious Laala watches the many screens of various performances when Mirei asks if she knows any songs by Saints. She asks Laala to sing for her, only to scold her for being too quiet. She pulls on her cheeks to encourage her to sing as boldly and loudly as she wants and this seems to reside with Laala, only to be told it was their turn to go on stage.

At first Laala is shocked as she appears on stage but she decides to give it her best effort and sings with Mirei. Everyone is quickly captivated by Laala and she goes on to perform in a Making Drama and Cyalume change with Mirei.

After the performance the girls return outside to find some Idols cheering for them as they gain their PriTickets. The performance was recorded on them and they exchange their friend tickets as Mirei tells Laala that they should perform together again. As Laala is given a PriTicket Bag and some other items she suddenly remembers that she never got the tomato her mother asked for and quickly runs for the exit. It is then revealed that Mirei set this up to find a partner, having dropped her bag intentionally knowing whoever picked it up and returned it to be a good person. Kuma expresses surprise after finding this out and compliments her, only to mention she slipped out of her cute and childish character. He voices a desire to make Laala a top idol, believing she possesses the legendary Prism Voice.

Major Events

  • Laala received her PriTicket.
  • Laala did her first live performance, along with Mirei.
  • The main cast is introduced.
  • The brands Twinkle Ribbon and Candy Alamode make their debut on the show.


  • This is the first episode where Make it! is used as the insert song.
  • The background of the silhouette dance scene in the beginning of the episode features multiple main characters from the Pretty Rhythm series.
  • A few seconds of the song StarLight★HeartBeat from Pretty Rhythm can be heard before Laala and Mirei's audition.
    • As of 2017, StarLight★HeartBeat is a playable song in the PriPara arcade game.
  • As Laala and Nao enter the school, Sophie's Fan Club are seen in the background as Sophie climbs the school's stairs.
  • During Laala and Mirei's performance, Laala did the Cyalume Change with her PriPass despite not receiving it until after the show.

Characters Appearance


プリパラ PuriPara - EPISODE 1 - 「SAINTS」 - Aira & Mia & Naru - 「Make it!」

プリパラ PuriPara - EPISODE 1 - 「SAINTS」 - Aira & Mia & Naru - 「Make it!」

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