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Center Shion Todo
Status Active
Idol(s) Shion Todo, Dorothy West & Leona West

Dressing Pafé is an idol unit composed of Shion TodoLeona West, and Dorothy West. They first formed their unit in Episode 14 for revenge/to surpass SoLaMi♡SMILE. As of Episode 38, they are officially disbanded, but they reform for the Dream Theatre in Episode 44. They break up again at the end of Season 3 when Shion leaves by herself to train, and reform in Episode 168.


After Shion entered PriPara world, Usagi overheard Shion's vow to take down SoLaMi♡SMILE and told her that he can take her to the top. Of course with Shion wanting to surpass SoLaMi♡SMILE, she went with him where she was put into a unit by Usagi. With Dorothy and Leona wanting revenge on SoLaMi♡SMILE too, they united into a unit. 

Dorothy and Leona have wanted revenge since the Sparkling Grand Prix, because Laala and Mirei betrayed them after Dorothy had already passed the audition to join the two for the competition. However, Dorothy brought along her brother Leona to join their unit, and the two were shortly kicked out; as Mirei and Kuma told them that they needed 3 members, and not 4, in order to enter the competition. Thus, later sparking their will to defeat SoLaMi♡SMILE later on.

Shion's inspiration to be an idol was from SoLaMi♡SMILE, and she wishes to surpass them and reach God Idol Rank.

In Episode 25, the group join with with SoLaMi♡SMILE to form the unit SoLaMi♡Dressing; and they perform Realize! for the first time. They emerge victors of the Christmas Idol Grand Prix, and win their first component of the Paradise Coord: the Paradise Shoes.

In Season 3, they compete in the Divine Idol Grand Prix and are narrowly defeated by SoLaMi SMILE in the final round.

In Episode 189, they become God Idols. However in Episode 191, they returned the tiara, as they're aiming to become Divine Idols, not God Idols.


Unit Relationships

Shion and Dorothy fight a lot and disagree with each other, especially regarding the team's name at the start. Shion acts neutral to Leona but dislikes Dorothy. Dorothy is very close to her brother Leona. Leona is often caught in the middle when they fight and acts as peacekeeper between the two.


Shion Todo

Dorothy West

Leona West

Making Dramas


The word Dressing (ドレッシング Doresshingu) was made up by Leona and comes from the girls' initials - Dorothy, Reona (the Japanese pronounciation of Leona), and Shion combined with the word sing. The second part of their unit name, Pafé, is short for the word "perfect", thought up by Shion.



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  • On their Making Drama, Shion's drums and Dorothy's guitar part are very similiar to Ann's and Naru's actions when performing Prism Live. Leona plays the bass which is very similar to Rinne.
  • Suggested team names were "Oshishi" and "Perfection" (both by Shion) and "The Dorothies" (by Dorothy).
  • Dressing Pafé did not perform with their unit Cyalume Change coords until Episode 28.
  • Leona West is the only male member of Dressing Pafé.
  • It was mentioned by Meganee that their favorite coords are the Marching Star coords.
  • Dressing Pafé are the only non-Idol Time characters to achieve Super Idol Time.
  • As of Episode 189, Dressing Pafé become God Idols.
  • Each member of Dressing Pafé shares the vocal pitches of a member from the unit Bell Rose from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow live: Bell and Shion have deep voices, Wakana and Dorothy have loud voices, and Otoha and Leona have soft spoken voices.
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