The Dream Laala Coord (ゆめてんぼうらぁら) is one of Laala's casual dresses shown in the anime. It hasn't been used for a performance. It is worn by Laala Manaka. This is a Lovely Type Coord, and it is from the brand Prism Stone.


Laala Manaka sometimes wears this dress casually outside of the PriPara world.



A pale, dull green dress with very tiny white dots all over it. At the chest are two small pearl buttons, while at the neck and bottom of the dress is a white section, each with have a single line of light gray and peach.


Dream Laala Coord is a rare Lovely type coord from the brand Prism Stone. It first appeared in the 2014 Limited Live.


Official Coord

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Dream Laala Onepiece



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