Dream Cyalume Shuuka Coord (ゆめサイリウムしゅうか) is a Celeb-type coord from the brand Rich Venus. It was first seen worn by Shuuka Hanazono in Episode 168.


Episode Image User
Episode 168 - Present
Dream Cyalume Shuuka Coord
Shuuka Hanazono



A very ornate dress composed of a white long sleeved top with two-layered bell sleeves, each lined with gold detail, the second layer being burgundy. In the middle of the chest is a gem section with a gold border decorated by turquoise and dark blue gems, along with gold tassel attached to pink or sky blue beads, which connect to a dark blue gem on the navel. A large emerald gem rests in the middle of the chest with a hot pink flower on either side. Wrapped around the shoulder is a glittering, fluffy gold shawl, while gold jewelry covers the collar bone and connects to the matching choker. Small sky blue gems and pearls adorn this piece. The skirt is white with the border from the top and a lining of glittering gold fluff. On the skirt are several white pearls, accent with fuchsia gems. A burgundy peplum layer resides over this, with several connected gold medallions and a diamond themed belt. Burgundy tails hang from this layer, lined with gold dangles. The main skirt is cut down the middle to reveal a gem covered layer, along with gold ruffles.


Burgundy pumps with gold detail and several, colorful gems sewn to them, including a single, large blue oval. Around each ankle is a very thick, fluffy glittering gold cuff. Comes with white thick mesh stockings that have pink gradient pearls making a design on each leg. The cuff is made from gold shapes, each adorned with a blue or green gem.


A gold tiara heavily adorned with sky blue, lime, and violet gems. On the top is a diamond gem on each of the five points. A ruffled gold fabric rests behind the tiara.


Dream Cyalume Shuuka Coord is a Celeb Dream Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Rich Venus. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol.4 Collection.


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