Dream Cyalume Nino Coord (ゆめサイリウムにの) is a Pop-type coord from the brand Neon Drop. It was first seen worn by Nino Nijiiro in Episode 158, and is an upgraded version of the Neon Drop Cyalume Coord.


Episode Image User
Nino Nijiiro



A dull white and neon blue top with a gold and neon pink sections, along with a gold half-filled diamond sewn at the neck, a loose gold tie with a sky blue sphere on the side, and gold sleeves with strips of lime, orange, and yellow on the shoulder to surround the neon pink hood. Sewn to this are a white puffed pair of shorts with puffy gold bordering and a thick diagonal stripe of lime on one leg and orange on the other. Sticking out from each cuff is a pale blue and white legging with a thin line of pale yellow going down the middle. A yellow belt is included with two gold triangle clips, button, and a large gold sphere with a triangle print. Comes with a finger-less glove with a gold and white bracelet, one is neon pink, the other lime. A large gold ribbon is sewn to the back with five tails, each tipped and lined in gold and white with a half-filled diamond hanging from the tip. The tails come in white, lime, neon pink, yellow, and neon blue.


Neon pink roller skates with white and gold detail. Lime-colored shoelaces reside at the center of the cuff. Gold glittering stockings are included with a yellow triangle pattern, some filled in, along with a yellow and white cuff and kneepad. Two thick gold rings circle the upper right leg, lined by a thin white border.


A white rabbit-ear ribbon with a print of triangles, some filled solid to match the tips. A gold diamond is sewn to each ear with only half filled.


Dream Cyalume Nino Coord is a Pop Cyalume Dream Rare Coord from the brand Neon Drop. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol.3 Collection.


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Dream Cyalume Nino Dress

Dream Cyalume Nino Shoes

Dream Cyalume Nino Hair Accessory

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