Dream All Star Live Coord (ゆめオールスターライブ) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. It has not appeared in the anime yet.





A white, green, pink, and purple, gingham blouse with three pieces of gold ribbon stitching the center. Around the bottom is white scalloped fabric with gold roman numeral numbers to match the lining, which is sewn to pink scalloped material. The large sleeves resemble this, but with gold stars sewn to it instead of numbers. The sleeves are cut down the center to reveal skin, with white flowers holding it together. Around the top of the chest are two pieces of white scalloped fabric lined in gold and accent with a white ribbon striped by pink, green, and purple. The gold center has two hearts hanging from it. The user gains a gold ornate choker with a clock in the center to match the large floating ornament behind them. On each hand are gold ornate accessories.


A short pink skirt with dots, hearts, and small ovals cut out of it. A larger, cape-like layer is worn over this in gingham fabric, trim with strips of white ruffles, and a gold border. Tiny gold pieces decorate the skirt, along with white flowers.


White, green, and pink gingham shoes with a gold heel. Sewn to the toe is a gold and white clock to match the decorative piece resting behind the foot. Fabric from the shoe wraps around the lower leg with a white, pink, green, and purple bow attached to it, along with curling gold ornaments, and gold dangles. Hanging from the bow are two gold hearts. Further up on the leg is a unique white accessory for each leg, the left reminiscent of an ornate crown. 


A gold crown made of four ornate droplet or leaf shapes. In the center of each resides a matching shaped gem coming in pink, green, pale pink, and white.


Dream All Star Live Coord is a Premium-type Dream Rare Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Dream All Star Live Top

Dream All Star Live Skirt

Dream All Star Live Shoes

Dream All Star Live Hair Accessory

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