Drawing Paint Palette Coord (おえかきペイントパレットコーデ) is a coord seen worn by Ajimi in PriPara during the 2nd season of the anime. This coord is a Pop Coord from the brand Candy Alamode More. This is Ajimi's casual coord and first debuted in Episode 64 - Ham and Ajimi.


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Ajimi's casual coord (64 -)

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Ajimi Kiki



A lemon-yellow blouse with two buttons on the chest resembling an unsharpened pencil; one is red and the other is green. Drawn at the top of the chest is a cyan and white collar, while frills of fuchsia line each sleeve to match the piping below the chest. On each sleeve are large, shiny, spherical blotches of various colors to resemble paint. Hanging from the piped section of the top are two ruffled pieces of material hanging from it; one is solid plum with fuchsia string, while the other is blue with soft-colored, colored pencils print on it. Comes with a backpack held with dark blue straps and two bracelets for the right wrist - one cyan and one lemon.


A two-layer fluffy balloon skirt. The top is lemon with large paint palette's depicted on it. Lining it is a rainbow semi-pleat material held by white string. The second layer is entirely composed of fluff.


White boots with a lemon bottom, toe, and center. The center is lined in cyan with rainbow dots lining each side. The cuff is a dark blue two-layer. Comes with lemon tights with shiny spheres of paint.


A paint palette for the hair with a sphere of every color in the rainbow on it. Sticking out of the thumb hole is a paintbrush with a white tip and light blue paint dripping down it.


Drawing Paint Palette Coord is a Pop type Premium Rare Coord from the brand Candy Alamode More. It first appeared in the 2015 4th Live Collection.



Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Drawing Paint Palette Top

Drawing Paint Palette Skirt

Drawing Paint Palette Boots

Drawing Paint Palette Accessory

Official Arts


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