Destiny Ribbon Idol S Coord (デスティニーリボンアイドルS) has not appeared in the anime as of yet. This coord is from the brand Baby Monster. It is a Cool Type coord. This coord, Wish Ribbon Idol M Coord, Wish Ribbon Idol S Coord, Destiny Ribbon Idol D Coord, and the Destiny Ribbon Idol R Coord are a recolor of the Wish Ribbon Idol L Coord.





A white blouse on top of a dark gray shirt with a white tulle design on it. The cuff of each sleeve is in two layers; the top glittering silver, while the bottom is dark gray. They are each held by a dark gray band with glitter applied to it. At the center of the torso is a piped design of glittering purple and silver, resembling a lapel. Four pieces of ruffled material circles the upper part of the chest, coming in white velvet, violet glittered piping, silver glitter, and black velvet. Two, small pieces of silver material hang from this at the bottom of the blouse. At the collar is a purple tile bow accented by white. On the back of the blouse is a gray ruffled ribbon with tulle designs on it. On each wrist are three pieces of material; the top is white, with the inside material being purple and black.


A six layer tutu skirt with a glittering silver waistband. The top and fifth layer is solid white with a purple design along the hem, the second and sixth are purple tile, the third is silver glitter, and the fourth is black tile. Attached to the left of the center are two bows tied together and held with a white pom-pom. One bow is white and lavender striped, while the second is black, white, violet, and amethyst. Ribbon tails of gray, white, and violet hang from this ornament.


White boots with a thin line of silver glitter on each side of the leg. The toe and heel is glittering purple with a single, large white fluffy pom-pom on each toe. The heel and bottom are solid black to match the shoelaces, while the cuff on top is purple tile with the same bow from the skirt sewn behind it.


Two bows tied together to form one ornament, held with a white fluffy pom-pom. One is black, white, violet, and amethyst, while the other is white and lavender.


Destiny Ribbon Idol S Coord is a Cool PriPara Rare Coord from the brand Baby Monster. It first appeared in the 2015 3rd Live Collection.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Destiny Ribbon Idol S Tops

Destiny Ribbon Idol S Skirt

Destiny Ribbon Idol S Shoes

Destiny Ribbon Idol S Hair Accessory

Official Arts

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