Dear Crown Cyalume Coord (ディアクラウンサイリウム) is a coord from the brand Dear Crown. It was first seen used by Chiri Tsukikawa in Episode 120.


Episode Image User
Episode 120
Ep 120 41
Chiri Tsukikawa



A dress composed of a shapely top over sheer material of grey. The top is made of mauve and light fuchsia material bunched up with gold lining on the bottom layer to match the row of sideways diamonds print across the top of the chest. Sewn to the center is a gold shape reminiscent of a fan with three green stones and a peacock feather attached to a blue stone. The sleeves hang beneath the shoulder with a mauve puffy layer on top of it, the front of which is cut and with a pattern of silver lines and a soft fuchsia cuff. Gold lace trims the grey material connected from the top of the chest to the mauve choker on top, along with two mauve straps held with a gold ornament. The skirt is in three layers, the top made of light fuchsia bunched up material lined in soft gold and accent with several silver line designs and two diamond chains. In the center of each diamond is an emerald or topaz gem. The next portion of skirt is longer in the back, with the front hiked up and a pattern of light gold diamonds at each ruffle. Several silver chains hang from under the skirt, adorned with blue stones to match the chain designs of the top skirt and sleeves. Sewn around the bottom of the skirt are emerald droplet-shaped stones. The skirt beneath this layer is a black ruffle with glitter coating. Two peacock feathers are sewn to the left hip.


Mauve ballerina style pumps with a thin strap on the center of the foot and behind the leg. Around the ankle is a flap of pale gold with thin stripes of mauve, matching the gold lining on the top strip of the shoe. A peacock feather is sewn to the corner of the right foot, and the top corner of the left. Comes with sheer grey stockings with a diamond, line, and wing design in light gold to match the gold diamond design on the cuff.


A large peacock feather attached to a mauve headband with thin gold designs.


Dear Crown Cyalume Coord is a Celeb-type Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Dear Crown. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.4 Collection.

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