Dancing Star Cute Coord (ダンシングスターキュート) is a Pop-type coord from the brand Neon Drop. It has not made an appearance in the anime yet. It resembles the Dancing Star Coord.





A white tube top with a pink and lime border with straps connecting to the shoulder. A neon yellow, green, and white 22 is designed in the center with a large pink star sewn to the top. A pink jacket is worn over this with a white torso decorated with hot pink and yellow sequin stars. A line of lime goes down each arm, as well as being the zipper and cuff color. Sewn to the side of the cuff is a gold star. The hood is white with several hot pink and blue 2's printed on it. Comes with pink finger-less gloves with two sections cut out on top of the hand and a lime cuff.


A pink skirt with trim of lime points. At every few inches is a silver or gold zipper with a triangle-shaped pull in the opposite color. A white and lime gradient sweater is tied around the waist with pink sleeve cuff and a print of yellow and pink sequin stars.


White sneakers with a pattern of blue and pink 22's. The platform sole is white, while the toe and tongue is pink. Lime shoelaces are included, matching the leg warmers adorned with a white and yellow design going down the inner-side. Sewn to the outer corner is a large neon yellow and green 22 with two chains hanging from it.


A white and pink cap with a large, neon yellow and green 22 attached.


Dancing Star Cute Coord is a Pop Rare Coord from the brand Neon Drop. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Dancing Star Cute Parka

Dancing Star Cute Skirt

Dancing Star Cute Shoes

Dancing Star Cute Hair Accessory

Official Arts

Anime Screenshots

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