Dahlia Oriental Ice Coord (ダリアオリエンタルアイス) is a Cool-type coord from the brand Melty Lily. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Dahlia Oriental Indigo Coord and the Dahlia Oriental Rouge Coord.





A white blouse with a Chinese design an ice gradient and sapphire scallop lining and details covering it. A tiny piece of pale blue fabric sticks out from the bottom. Sewn to the middle of the neck is a silver cross shape to match the included bracelet on the wrist and chains beneath the shoulders, and sewn on the chest next to a large sapphire flower with three sky blue gem dangles. The middle of the chest has a sideways diamond cut out.


A glittering blue gradient tutu resting over two layers, one ice-colored with glitter coating, and one of solid white. A silver cross chain belt hangs from the waist, while several white flowers and silver studs decorate the skirt.


White pumps with a light blue bottom with thin wedge heel and three sapphire flowers attached to the side. On the ankle is a white piece with blue scallop lining and a large sapphire flower attached to it. Comes with light blue stockings with a sapphire cuff and design beneath it. A silver cross accessory resides on the upper left leg.


A large sapphire flower with several tiny white flowers surrounding it. Hanging from the bottom are three sky blue gems with silver bead chains hanging from them.


Dahlia Oriental Ice Coord is a Cool Super Rare Coord from the brand Melty Lily. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2017 Time Vol. 3.


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Dahlia Oriental Ice Top

Dahlia Oriental Ice Skirt

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