Cyalume Tact Coord (サイリウムタクト) is a coord from the brand Rosette Jewel. It has not been seen in the anime. This coord and the Goddess Janice Coord are recolors of the Kami Coord.





A white blouse accented with strips of pearl pink, along with gold ruffles and gold lace. The sleeves have a ruffled two layered cuff, the top white with lines of lavender, pearl pink, and gold, while the second is pearl pink. A gold frilly ribbon wraps around the stomach with an oval diamond gem. Two bows are sewn to the torso above it, each with a tiny diamond gem. The white ruffled collar is accented with a strip of gold with a strip of pearl pink ruffled material sticking out beneath it. A ring of diamond gems are designed on this, and sewn to the middle is a diamond heart on a gold base, attached to pearl pink ribbon tails with gold lines. Comes with diamond angel wings, lilac pearl arm accessories accented by gold pearls and gem stars to match the ones hanging from the back. The necklace is gold with a diamond oval in the middle and four gold beaded chains connecting it to the shirt.


A skirt in three sections. The outer portion is slightly longer with a glittering gold and pale pink design, along with star or crescent gem ornaments. Pearl pink and gold bead chains hang from each side, accented with diamond oval gems and a star gem. Going down each side in the center is a lilac bead chain. The waistband is glittering gold with a large ribbon on the back. The tails are white inside with gold and lavender lining, while the outside is pearl pink with diamond-shaped diamonds and gold detail. A diamond star hangs from each tail. The inner skirt is a white pleat with four lines, two pearl pink, one lavender, and one gold. The last skirt layer is a golden pleat.


Pearl pink pumps with a gold heart accented with a diamond heart in the middle. Around each ankle is a gold ribbon with a large diamond feather sticking out of the side. Comes with white tights with ribbon wrapped around the leg, each held with a bead of the rainbow. The lace cuff is accented with a gold ribbon and border holding an oval diamond. A diamond star hangs from this.


A white cap lined with pearl pink frills attached to pink and gold ribbon tails, along with gold studs. On top of the hat are three gems, two pink, one gold. Two large feathers stick out of the corner, one white, one gold.


Cyalume Tact Coord is a God rank Premium Coord from the brand Rosette Jewel. It first appeared in the 2016 Series Divine Idol Promotional Coords.


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Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
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