Cyalume Fairy is a new type of Cyalume Change
  • Aroma (Cool)
  • Mikan & Laala (Lovely)
  • Mirei & Sophie (Pop & Cool)
  • Fuwari (Premium Natural)
  • Laala & Shion (Premium Lovely & Cool)
  • Dorothy & Leona (Premium Pop)
  • Sophie (Cool)
  • Mirei & Leona (Pop)
  • Aroma & Shion (Cool)
  • Ajimi (Premium Pop)
  • Dorothy, Laala, Cosmo & Mikan (Premium Pop, Lovely & Cool)
  • Laala (Lovely)
  • Mirei & Sophie (Pop & Cool)
  • Dorothy, Shion & Leona (Pop & Cool)
  • Hibiki (Golden Celeb)
  • Faruru (Golden Lovely)
  • Laala & Mirei (Lovely & Pop)
  • Dorothy, Leona & Aroma (Pop & Cool)
  • Hibiki (Golden Celeb)
  • Sophie, Shion, Mikan & Faruru (Golden Cool & Lovely)
  • Sophie (Golden Cool)
  • Shion (Golden Cool)
  • Mirei (Golden Pop)
  • Leona & Dorothy (Golden Pop)
  • Laala & Hibiki (Golden Lovely & Celeb)
  • Mirei, Aroma, Dorothy & Mikan (Golden Pop, Lovely & Cool)
  • Shion, Sophie, Leona, Falulu (Golden Cool, Pop & Lovely)
  • Hibiki (Platinum)
  • Laala (Final Fairy)
  • Laala (Golden Lovely)
  • Mikan, Aroma, Dorothy & Mirei (Golden Lovely, Cool & Pop)
  • FriendAll & Celepara Opera Company ( Golden Pop, Cool, Lovely & Celeb)
It can be accessed with the Cyalume Charm. This type of Cyalume Change was first seen in Episode 48, and it is a feature of the Dream Theater.

Based on what type of idol you are, and what color your Cyalume Charm glows, you will grow a certain set of "fairy wings" when you Cyalume Change.

Cyalume Fairy can also be performed outside of Dream Theater depending on the skill of the idol and effort.

Notable Performers

SoLa♡Ageddon Mi

Dressing Flower

Cosmic Omurice da Vinci

Aromasoreshi Mi

CelePara Opera Company


Types of Fairy Wings


Angel wings of pale pink with a border of loose gradient material that is hot pink, light fuchsia, and yellow. On the wings are pink hearts, a yellow to pink gradient heart, a single heart-shaped line in pink, and two in yellow.


A big, somewhat chibi-styled wing in a gradience of pale blue, white, soft yellow, and light fuchsia. The border is yellow, cyan, lime, and bright blue. On the wing are dot trails that come in yellow, lime, white, and cyan. At the end of each trail is a unique shape; the top is a cyan star, the middle is a cyan with pale green towards the tip and shaped like a flower, while the bottom is a yellow and lime heart.


Fancy violet, hot pink, red, and purple wings resembling that of a bat. The tip is curled, while on top is a small diamond shape. A row of various sized dots floats between the top and mid-section, while many various diamonds make up the bottom portion. At the end of each tip is a small sphere.


Green pointed pixie wings with a gradient green, yellow, and white design of bulbs and leaf, along with a single flower.


Blue, yellow, and white gradient wings shaped like a diamond with a design inside of it.


White and golden wings, shape is dependent on Idol type.


White wings with golden outlines and design, like Premium wings, the shape is dependent on Idol type.


Blue, green and white gradient wings with the same shape and design as the Celeb Wings with the addition of a three-pointed crown at the tip of each wing.


Large white wings with elaborate rainbow-colored outlines and design.

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