• SoLaMi♡Dressing's Unit Cyalume Change
  • SoLaMi♡Smile's Unit Cyalume Change
  • Dressing Pafé's Team Cyalume Change
  • Faruru's Cyalume Change
  • Cosmo's Cyalume Change
  • Aromageddon's Cyalume Change
  • Falulu's New Cyalume Change
  • Ajimi´s Cyalume Change
  • SAINTS's Unit Cyalume Change
  • PriPara Police's Unit Cyalume Change
  • Meganee's Cyalume Change
  • Chanko's Cyalume Change

Cyalume Change is a special change that occurs toward the second half of an idol's performance. When idols successfully Cyalume Change, their coord changes into an entirely different outfit. The staging and lighting in the performance hall darkens, and strobe lighting is seen above the stage. They need their PriPass to do this. Also, before Cyalume Changing, idols generally go through something called Making Drama. Some, however, don't need to do a Making Drama to Cyalume Change - an example of this is Sophie Hojo.

In Episode 11, it's revealed that Cosmo Hojo designs the Cyalume Coords.

In Season 2, idols now use their Cyalume Charms to Cyalume Change, and there is a new type of Cyalume Change called Cyalume Fairy.

In Season 3, idols use their Cyalume Jewel Mic to Cyalume Change. Super Cyalume Change and Divine Cyalume Change are also introduced in Season 3.

As of Season 4, Cyalume Change has been renamed to "Cyalume Time" and idols now use their Idol Time Mic to Cyalume Change.

Idols who can Cyalume Change

Coords Used During Cyalume Change

Brand-Unique Cyalume Coords

Super Cyalume Coords

Dream Cyalume Coords

Idol Watch Coords


Dressing Pafé



Cyalume Charm Coords

Cyalume Jewel Mic Coords

Idol Time Mic Coords

God Cyalume Coords

Idol Time Harp Coords


Cyalume Change Auras

The Cyalume Change Aura is an aura that appears while an idol changes into their Cyalume Coord.


  • In Episode 1, Laala performs a Cyalume Change alongside Mirei, despite not receiving her PriPass until after the performance.
  • In Episode 3, when Sophie performs, she doesn't perform a Making Drama before Cyalume Changing. Gaaruru In Episode 83 also does this.
  • When Mirei, Sophie, and Laala complete their Cyalume Change, their costumes change into the coords they wear in the PriPara promotion.
    • This is only true up until Episode 13, when their unit Cyalume Coords are used instead.
    • It is revealed that the person that makes a Cyalume Coord can transfer it to a PriTicket so an idol can use it as their casual coord at PriPara.
  • The name Cyalume comes from the chemicals used in glow sticks - Cyalume is responsible for their luminescence.
  • Dorothy West and Leona West are the only known idols to share a same brand Cyalume Coord.
  • In the arcade game, if you wear a Cyalume Change coord even before changing, the colors will turn gold rather than 'rainbow' colors when you Cyalume Change.
  • Triangle is the first unit to have a unit super cyalume coord.
    • The second unit being NonSugar.


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