Cutie Cats Orange Coord is a Cool-type coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It was worn by Gaaruru in Episode 119. It resembles the Cutie Cats Pink Coord, Cutie Cat White Coord, and the Cutie Cats Mikan Coord.


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Episode 119
Ep 119 3



A black tank-top covered in yellow and orange striped fluff held with orange string. Hanging from it are three dark green straps, while one piece of fluff wraps around the neck, shaped like cat paws. Comes with a fluffy accessory beneath the shoulder and a pair of fluffy orange and yellow striped cat paws with claws and black pads on the palm. Dark green straps wrap around the right arm.


A fluffy orange and yellow striped balloon skirt with several ornaments attached to it, including cat heads and two bows. One is black with Meow written with yellow hearts in an orange speech bubble, the other is green with a black cat head. Hanging from the top bow to the right hip are black straps adorned with a heart shaped buckle and black bows. The waistband is dark green with silver hearts.


Black boots with claws sticking out of the toe and orange string. Wrapped around the right boot is a yellow and orange cat head with a fluffy striped tail. Comes with a pumpkin ripped stocking for the left leg, accent by a dark green cuff and a black bow, while the right leg gets a dark green stocking with multiple black straps attached to an orange fluffy cuff.


Orange an yellow fluffy cat ears on a headband. A tiny black bow rests on the side.


Cutie Cats Orange Coord is a Cool Super Rare Coord from the brand LOVE DEVI. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.4 Collection.


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Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Cutie Cats Orange Top

Cutie Cats Orange Pants

Cutie Cats Orange Shoes

Cutie Cats Orange Accessory

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