Cowboy Blue Coord (ナイトメアレッド) is a Natural-type coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It has not made an appearance in the anime.




A denim top with a brown and white strip going down the center adorned with gold buttons. Lining the top of the chest is a row of gold buttons, along with layers of ruffled brown fabric and a gold star badge. The collar is white with a gold button on each corner, while the sleeves have a gold star sewn to the lower side. The cuff is denim with a brown fringe. On the shoulders are ruffled brown material residing over a caramel layer, which matches that sewn to the bottom. Comes with a denim bracelet that has a small star on it.


A denim pair of short-shorts with gold lining and a brown and gold belt. Comes with fabric that hangs from the side and wraps around the thick, accent by gold detail and a brown pleated fringe.


Tall brown boots with a gold toe and heel. A caramel-colored line goes up each side of the boot, residing beneath a gold star. The cuff is blue denim.


A dark brown cowboy hat with gold lining and a large star sewn to each side.


Cowboy Blue Coord is a Natural Rare Coord from the brand Sunny Zoo. It first debuted in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Cowboy Blue Top

Cowboy Blue Pants

Cowboy Blue Shoes

Cowboy Blue Accessory

Official Arts

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