Cosmic Omurice da Vinci


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Center Ajimi Kiki
Status Disbanded
Idol(s) Ajimi Kiki
Cosmo Hojo
Laala Manaka
Dorothy West
Mikan Shiratama

Cosmic Omurice da Vinci is an idol unit composed of Ajimi Kiki, Cosmo Hojo, Laala Manaka, Dorothy West, and Mikan Shiratama. Their unit was formed in Episode 65, but officially made their Dream Theater debut in Episode 66.


Ajimi and Cosmo decided to have another designing duel but they have to choose their models first. Ajimi chose Mikan to be her model while Cosmo chose Dorothy to be hers. Hosted by Laala, the duel started with a tie and then another tie. The two lost their inspiration when they keep on being tied in the duel.

This made Dorothy, Laala and Mikan worried, so they decided to cook omlette rice for them. After cooking, they delivered it to Ajimi and Cosmo. Ajimi remembers the time that she and Cosmo cooked the same recipe and using a ketchup, she drew the faces of her, Cosmo, Mikan, Dorothy and Laala on the omlette rice. Their friendship allows their Cyalume Charms to react and form a Dream Team.

They won in the Autumn Dream Idol Grand Prix and won the Autumn Dream Parade Coord, but were stolen by Hibiki after their winner's encore live.


Unit Dresses

Ajimi Kiki

Cosmo Hojo

Laala Manaka

Dorothy West

Mikan Shiratama


Making Theaters

  • Resound Charm Bell
  • Omuomurice


Their name, thought up by Cosmo, is taken from Cosmo and Ajimi's catchphrases, and omurice, the theme of their unit dresses.


  • The members of the Dream Team are all of the idols whom Hibiki placed in her "BAKA" bin.
  • This is the first Dream Team to feature a supporting character as one of its members.


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