China Rock Forest Coord (?) has been worn by Leona West in Episode 15. This coord is from the brand Baby Monster. It is a cool type coord. This coord is very similar to the China Rock Honey Coord and the China Rock Coord.





A dress composed of a green and mint gradient top with three black lines on top and multiple green, string straps held by yellow and purple flowers on top of the material, to show the dark gray beneath them. Straps that go over the shoulder are also green and black striped, with a matching collar piece that is all green with lining of black. To the right of the chest is a big panda head, connected to a small panda by very small silver chains, and attached to them are two tiny blue crystal-gems. The skirt portion comes in two layers, composed of squares of dark gray, black, black with a heavy coat of light blue designs, and black with blue strings held through silver holes. Two silver chains go around the waist with a big panda head. Sleeves of green, pale blue, and mint gradience comes with the dress. The cuff of each sleeve is black with blue designs. 


Fuchsia boots with black on the bottom and heel. A row of black straps, connected by silver squares goes up the top. Each cuff is purple and black with gold lining and straps, to give them an asian design.


A big white and black panda head hair clip. It wears a small orange and golden-yellow chinese cap.


China Rock Forest Coord is a Cool Rare Coord from the brand Baby Monster. It first appeared in 2014 2nd Live Collection.



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