Kanji ちあ子
Rōmaji Chiako
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation Sheep Squad
Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Mayu Sagara

Chiako (ちあ子) is a supporting character in the Idol Time PriPara anime series. She is a member of the Sheep Squad and Avocado Academy cheerleaders.


Chiako is one of the smaller members of the Avocado Academy cheerleaders. She has rounded, feminine eyes of moss green and deep purple shoulder length hair. She wears a small amount of hair pulled into a side-tail and has messy bangs worn with a headband.


Chiako has a stand-offish and reserved personality with a talent in giving makeovers. She is fairly cold towards others and doesn't hold back from making rude remarks, and due to her expressions she has a tendency to startle others or make them uneasy. Despite her stubborn attitude, she is shown to have a softer spot deep down, which is visible whenever she is able to passionately do what she loves.



  • She wears the Maiden Stripe Red Coord in PriPara.
  • It is implied that she is a lovely idol due to her casual coord being from the lovely brand, Twinkle Ribbon Sweet, however this is yet to be confirmed.
    • She is the first idol to share the same main brand with Non Manaka. Although, Twinkle Ribbon Sweet is unconfirmed to be her main brand.
    • The color of her idol heart chip is purple shown in episode 173, meaning that she may be a cool idol.


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