Chanko Nabeshima
Chanko Image Full
Kanji 鍋島ちゃん子
Rōmaji Nabeshima Chanko
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Navy
Hair Color Green
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation Sophie's Fan Club
Ucchari Big-Bangs
Personal Status
Anime Episode 02 - You Can't Break a Promise, Pri!
Voice Actors
Japanese Chinatsu Akasaki
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Chanko Nabeshima (鍋島ちゃん子 Nabeshima Chanko) is the "bodyguard" of Sophie's Fan Club.


She has curly green hair pulled into a bun style, two loose strands on each side of her head, and wears a blue bow with a pink 'S'. She is also quite chubby. She keeps her eyes closed at all times, but in extremely rare instances she reveals to have cyan eyes.


Sophie Hojo

  • Chanko is the bodyguard of Sophie. She cares a lot over Sophie and constantly worries about her well-being. 


  • Sadako is a fellow member and the leader of Sophie's Fan Club, and when needed, she calls for Chanko.

Anonymous Girls of Sophie's Fan Club

  • They are fellow fan club members.

Cosmo Hojo and Ajimi Kiki


  • The name Chanko comes from a Japanese meat and vegetable soup that is famous for being sumo wrestlers' food that they deliberately eat to gain weight.
  • Chanko's surname Nabeshima means "pot" (鍋) (nabe) and "island" (島) (shima).


  • Chanko is one of the three members of Sophie's Fan Club whose names are known.
  • Chanko goes to Paprika Academy.
  • Chanko's PriTicket shows that if she was an idol, she would be lovely typed, but in Episode 21 it showed there was a possibility of her being cool typed. In PriPara: Everyone's Longing! Let's Go PriPari! it was confirmed that she is cool typed.
  • Chanko shares her voice actress with Faruru.
  • Chanko is the first character to share the same voice actors as a character from the same series.
  • Instead of a regular pink tie for Chanko's uniform like the other students, she has a pink bow.
  • The way Chanko bodygaurds Sophie Hojo could relate to sumo wrestlers.
  • Chanko is the first known idol to not use her mic while performing.
  • Chanko wears striped socks to school instead of the traditional color.

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