Bold Indigo Kimono Coord (だいたんきものあいいろ) is a coord from the brand Dear Crown. It has not appeared in the anime yet.





An indigo sequin dress with a trim of gold ruffles to match the two-layered sleeves. The obi is gold with a cloud design covering it, accent with lilac cloth covered in polka-dots, and a bow with a dark blue piece on top of it. Three chains hang from the bottom, two of gold, one white, along with three ruffled layers. Sticking out from the bottom of the skirt is lilac material with thin white lines. The collar is solid white.


Indigo sequin boots with a gold toe and a pale indigo sole. Gold string goes up the center, held with a tulle cloud pattern ribbon accent with dark blue roping.


A gold bow with cloud pattern and dark blue rope.


Bold Indigo Kimono Coord is a Celeb-type Super Rare Coord from the brand Dear Crown. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.4 Collection.

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