Bijou Chiffon Emerald Coord (ビジューシフォンエメラルド) is a Celeb-type coord from the brand Rich Venus. It has not made an appearance in the anime yet. It resembles the Bijou Chiffon Coord, Bijou Chiffon Sapphire Coord and Bijou Chiffon Amethyst Coord.




A pale blue crimped top with a slightly darker layer sewn over it, decorated with a lace border and several diamond gems. The fabric on the neck is pale emerald with a flower on the side, along with a gold ornate necklace with diamond gems and a single emerald droplet. Teal fabric rests at the bottom with an upside-down ribbon sewn to the corner, decorated with several tiny studs. Puffed gradient sleeves are included, worn beneath the shoulder with a slight glitter. The top is lined with a gold bead chain and trim of white frills, along with a white lace design and tiny diamonds, while the wrist cuff has three tiny gold buttons and a piece of white lace fabric.


A light turquoise skirt with four gold buttons sewn to the center. On the hem are two layers of white and dark blue roses surrounding a pale blue mesh. Sewn to the bottom is ruffled turquoise material.


Azure heels with fabric cut to reveal the back corner and heel. A white floral design resides on the toe, while pale blue ribbon wraps around the ankle, held with a matching flower and a gold beaded chain.


A teal ribbon covered with diamond and silver studs. In the middle is a pale mint flower with a gold bead chain.


Bijou Chiffon Emerald Coord is a Celeb Super Rare Coord from the brand Rich Venus. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Bijou Chiffon Emerald Top

Bijou Chiffon Emerald Skirt

Bijou Chiffon Emerald Shoes

Bijou Chiffon Emerald Hair Accessory

Official Arts

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