Bijou Chiffon Coord (ビジューシフォン) is a Celeb-type coord from the brand Rich Venus. It was first seen worn by Shuuka Hanazono as her casual coord in Episode 162 - La Pool de Purance The Great Race!. It resembles the Bijou Chiffon Emerald Coord, Bijou Chiffon Sapphire Coord and Bijou Chiffon Amethyst Coord.


Episode Image User
Episode 162 - Present
In its usual form
Shuuka Hanazono



A white and pale pink gradient pleat top with dark coral-colored fabric beneath it that has an upside-down ribbon sewn on the right, heavily adorned with tiny diamonds and silver studs. A pink rose fabric rests over the chest, cut to reveal the shoulders and lined with white lace and adorned with several diamonds. The collar is coral with a rose on the left, and hanging from it is a gold bead chain that has a stylized ornament decorated with pink gems and a droplet amethyst. Puffy gradient sleeves of rose to pink and decorated with glitter. The top has a row of gold beads and trim of frills, and is decorated with lace and diamonds. The thin cuff has three gold bead buttons with a frilly white cuff.  


A rose skirt with creases in the fabric and four gold buttons. On the hem is pale pink mesh fabric surrounded by a border of pink roses and trim by ruffled rose fabric.


Coral pumps with the back of the foot and heel cut out. The shoe heel is tipped in gold, while a white ornate design decorates the toe. On the ankle is a pale pink flower sewn to a large ribbon and gold bead chain.


A coral, upside-down ribbon adorned with several tiny diamonds and silver studs. In the middle is a pink flower with a gold bead chain hanging from it.


Bijou Chiffon Coord is a Celeb Super Rare Coord from the brand Rich Venus. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Bijou Chiffon Top

Bijou Chiffon High Waist Skirt

Bijou Chiffon Shoes

Bijou Chiffon Hair Accessory

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Episode 162

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