Baseball Passion Pink Coord (ベースボールパッションピンク) is a Pop-type coord from the brand Neon Drop. It has not made an appearance in the anime yet. It resembles the Baseball Game Coord, Baseball Motivation Orange Coord and the Baseball Gold Game Coord.





A white top with pastel pink piping and a strap hanging from each side connected by white ribbon. It has a pastel pink collar with a powder blue piped line and baseball ornament on the side. It also has hot pink sleeves and the shoulder cut out. Thin white lines adorn the sleeve to match the solid white bottom, which has NEON DROP printed in red on it. A pastel pink and white tank-top is worn over this with a curving section of fabric that matches the sleeves on each side, four hot pink buttons, and an ND written in red on the left of the chest. Comes with different accessories for each arm, the left gaining a sleeve to match the shoulder sleeves, and a pastel yellow baseball mitt. The right wrist gains a baseball designed piece with a hot pink bracelet on either side, followed by two more bracelets, one powder blue, one hot pink.  


A white tutu skirt with a wavy bottom in two layers of powder blue. The waistband has a pastel pink border sewn together with white string, while going down the center is a hot pink section with thin white lines and a powder blue border. On each waist is a white strap lined in silver and accent by a zig-zag line of powder blue. Attached to these straps is a hot pink and pastel pink domed hat with powder blue detail and a baseball formed onto the top. Sewn to the back of the skirt are two ribbons, one hot pink with thin white lines, the second is white and smaller, with stitching to resemble a baseball. White shorts with pastel pink piped cuff are worn beneath the skirt.


White and hot pink platform sneakers with a pastel pink bottom. Lining, the tongue, and a single dot on the front of the foot are powder blue. White leg warmers are included, sewn to resemble a baseball with a puffy pastel pink, white, and hot pink top and bottom. A white ribbon piece is further up on the left leg.


A pastel pink hat with a band of powder blue and a baseball sewn to the left. Three pieces of fabric are attached to it, coming in hot pink, white, and pastel pink.


Baseball Passion Pink Coord is a Pop Rare Coord from the brand Neon Drop. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Baseball Passion Pink Top

Baseball Passion Pink Pants

Baseball Passion Pink Shoes

Baseball Passion Pink Hair Accessory

Official Arts

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