Barbaria Ookandagawa
Rōmaji Ookandagawa Babaria
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Dark Purple
Hair Color Tan
Professional Statistics
Occupation Headmistress of Avocado Academy
Affiliation Avocado Academy
Personal Status
Relatives Gloria Ookanda (Cousin)
Ploria Ookanda (Cousin)
Anime Episode 141 - I Became a Dreamy-Cute Idol!?
Voice Actors
Japanese Urara Takano

Barbaria Ookandagawa (Ookandagawa Barbaria) is the headmistress of Avocado Academy. She previously supported Mimiko Jigoku on preventing girls from going to PriPara.


Barbaria resembles Gloria, but with thicker, slightly different in tint hair. The smaller amount of hair sticking up on the left of her head is in a thick drill, unlike Gloria's. She has dark gray eyes and wears lavender make-up.

Her attire is also like Gloria's, but in a dark green and black color scheme and heavily adorned with gold straps, buttons, and fringe.


Barbaria is very strict and stern with the students of Avocado Academy. She can appear to be somewhat of a dictator among the students, much like Gloria's past self early on in the series.

Despite her disliking of girl idols, she is in love with the members of WITH from BoyPara and fawns over them. She wishes to see them perform in person, but gets flustered if someone was to witness her behavior.



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