Baby Monster Cyalume Coord (ベイビーモンスターサイリウム) is Shion Todo's Cyalume Coord from the brand Baby Monster. It was first used in Episode 14 of the anime.


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Every episode Shion Cyalume Changes (Episodes 14 - 27)

Shion's Casual Coord (Episode 29 - Present)

Shion Todo



A top that is black on the right side and white on the left. The sleeves and each of their cuff is opposite of the sides main color, with many small silver studs. The collar on the right side is cyan, while the left is purple, and both of which are lined with studs. On the left of the chest is a cyan heart half with a sharp white bow that has a purple diamond in the center, while on the right side is a purple heart half with a silver diamond. Connecting both diamonds are two silver chains. A zipper goes up the center, resting on a purple strap. Connecting the top and skirt is a cyan section on each side of the stomach with multiple black straps. The skirt is composed of three layers with the top having a very small black ruffled layer on top of it with little silver loops, where two chains are connected. The skirt layers consist of a plain purple, followed by purple, cyan, and black striped on the right side and plain black on the left. The last layer is white on the right side and white, black, and cyan striped on the left. Comes with a black studded collar with a few small chains, and a single black fingerless glove for the right hand that has two white belted pieces at the cuff. For the left hand, the colors are opposite.


White boots with two black straps at the ankle. At the right toe is a cyan heart, while on the left is a purple heart. At the top of each boot is  a sharp split diamond shape, with the left being cyan and the right purple. On the left boot is a pale lilac bow with a purple diamond, and on the right is a dark purple bow with a cyan diamond. For the left leg, there is a black, purple, and cyan horizontal stripe stocking. For the right, a black stocking with a chain design drawn on. 


A hair clip of a single silver and white wing with two silver chains connected to the bottom. It it attached to a purple-silver clip.


Baby Monster Cyalume Coord is a Cool Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Baby Monster. It first appeared in 2014 2nd Live Collection.


Official Coord

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Baby Monster Cyalume Dress
Baby Monster Cyalume Shoes
Baby Monster Cyalume Hair Accessory

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