Avocado Academy is the school that Yui Yumekawa, Michiru Kōta, and Nino Nijiiro attend. It runs from elementary school to high school and has dorms on campus. At the start of Idol Time PriPara, Laala Manaka transfers to the school by request from Gloria Ookanada.

Notable Staff

Notable Students

Elementary School

Middle School

High School




Elementary School

Female Uniforms

A white button up worn beneath a light green jacket with dark green lapel, lining, and buttons. The sleeve cuff is loose with white frills to accent those on the collar. A pink short tie is included. Comes with a pink pleat skirt lined with dark green and worn over a frilly petticoat. Comes with a pair of tights and Mary-Jane shoes.

Male Uniforms Resembles the female uniform, but instead of a pink skirt and short tie, they wear a longer, sky blue tie and a pair of light blue short pants.

Middle School

Female Uniforms A dark green top and blazer lined in white and adorned with buttons. A dark raspberry bow tie rests at the collar, matching the pleat skirt. The head Disciplinarian wears a smaller purple ribbon with bells on it, and has a heart design on the corner of the bow.

Male Uniforms

High School



Avocado Cheerleader Coord

A red and white top with a green A on the chest worn over a pastel yellow shirt. The pleat skirt has pastel yellow folds. Each cheerleader uses fuchsia pom-poms.

Gym Uniform

A white top with a thick gold stripe going down the side of the torso and sleeves. The knee-length shorts are green with pale gold lines on each side of the leg. Included are white socks.


  • Avocado Academy parallels Paprika Private Academy.
    • Both are named after a food- namely a vegetable.
    • Both are run by Headmistresses that resemble one-another, with Gloria being the cousin of the Headmistress of Avocado Academy.
    • The headmistress of Avocado Academy used to have Gloria's anti-PriPara personality.


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