Physical and Vital Information
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Brunette
Professional Statistics
Occupation Preschool Student
Personal Status
Anime Episode 46 - Devi&An Preschool! Ribbit?
Voice Actors
Japanese Kiyono Yasuno

Anko (あんこ) is a minor character that appears in Episode 46. She is best friends with Miruku and attends the same preschool Mikan and Aroma attended when they were in preschool.


Anko has shoulder-length brunette hair and purple eyes. She wears a pink bunny barrette in her hair and her preschool's uniform which consists of a short-sleeved white button down covered by a yellow vest with pink buttons, and a dark pink skirt.


In contrast to her outgoing friend, Miruku, Anko is very quiet and shy. She doesn't have a loud voice and normally hides behind Miruku who tries to get her to speak out more. After meeting Aroma, she has become more outgoing and is able to speak in a louder voice.


  • Miruku - Anko's best friend and the one who looks after and supports her. They have been together since around the beginning of preschool, much like Mikan and Aroma. Miruku does her best to help Anko grow out of her shell and speak up and is always there to encourage her.
  • Aroma Kurosu - Anko's personality is akin to that of Aroma when she was in preschool and because Aroma saw herself in her, she helped Anko grow out of her shell and speak up. In turn when Aroma was frozen in fear, Anko gave Aroma the courage to stand up to her fear of snakes and save Mikan. After this, Aroma gained a new fan in Anko.


Anko (あんこ) is the Japanese word for red bean paste. This ties with the food thematic she forms with Miruku.


  • She shares the same voice actress with Sakura Kitaouji from Aikatsu!.
  • In Episode 76 she appeared again with Miruku where it's revealed she's moving away.


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