Aim for it with Everyone! Adventure Coord (みんなでめざせ!アドベンチャーコーデ) is a Pop Type coord from the brand Candy Alamode More that has yet to make its anime debut. This coord is a Candy Alamode More recolor of the Summer Bold ☆ Adventure Coord.





A gold elbow-length cropped top with six large pale yellow buttons and coloring of ivory lined in brown piping on the outer sides of the torso. Around the neck is a red cloth tied into a bow with two pale yellow hearts on it. The sleeves are emerald plaid with a large gold cuff; each with two rings circling it, one pale yellow, the other red. The bottom portion of shirt is red with two golden belts wrapped around it to match the small pads on each shoulder. Comes with red and gold goggles and a pair of ivory gloves with a thick, belt-like strap is on each wrist; one of gold and one of red with a pale gold attachment.


A gold skirt with a very skinny ivory belt below the waist band. Thick multiple straps and belts of red hang off of the right hip with golden accents, including a miniature telescope with a gold heart charm hanging from it, and a white pocket with yellow accents to match the double pouches on each hip. Around the bottom of the skirt is another skinny belt with a ruffled pieces of white, gold, and red material circling it; except for the center, where an emerald plaid section rests. Beneath it is a white petticoat.


Gold platform-style boots with four pale yellow straps over the foot. Sticking out of the cuff is a ruffled, emerald plaid piece of material, while beneath it is a red bow. Comes with tube socks of gold, red, and pale yellow.


Aim for it with Everyone! Adventure Coord is a Rare Pop Coord from the brand Candy Alamode More. It first appeared in the 2015 Series Promotional Coords.



Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Aim for it with Everyone! Adventure Top

Aim for it with Everyone! Adventure Skirt

Aim for it with Everyone! Adventure Shoes


Official Arts

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