Afternoon Coord (ひるの) is a Premium-type coord from the brand Clock Garden. It was first seen worn by Yui Yumekawa in Episode 185.


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Yui Yumekawa



A dress composed of a pearl blue blouse with fabric cut out on each arm lined by pearls, and a white cuff covered in stars of two sizes. Pink fabric covers the torso, sewn together with white ribbon, while two strands of pearls reside on each side of the chest. At the neck is a colorful, glittering bow-tie adorned by three stars, two of which adorn the tails. Pink fabric resides beneath this, along with white and gold wings. Sewn on each hip is a matching bow, with folded tails behind the skirt tipped by stars. The skirt is a colorful gradient with sparkles and a blue, pearl pink, and purple castle display, accent by clouds and rainbows, along with gold chains decorated with sun-shaped charms. The bottom of the skirt is lined with two pieces of fabric, while covering is a two-layered peplum trim with pleats accent by white lining and pale pink and blue pearl chains. The user gains white gloves with a blue line going down the sides and pale blue stars sewn to the cuff. Behind the user is a large, pale blue clock-like shape with the hands tipped by a winged star.


Pearl blue boots with a pastel pink sole beneath white shoelaces and yellow studs. A foot strap is on the foot, accent by a trim of white ruffles. The cuff is in two layers with a glittering back and pale yellow lining. Stars are sewn around the top and hang from ribbon tails.


A sky blue and pink triangular top hat with a pale gold rim and top, where a pink, orange, and gold sun design on it adorned by pearl studs. Three stars adorn the rim, along with two large gem shards.


Afternoon Coord is a Premium-type Dream Coord from the brand Clock Garden. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol.6 Collection.


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