A Meeting of Fate! Girl Meets Girl
Kanji Name 運命のはじめまして!ガールミーツガール
Romanized Name Unmei no hajimemashite! Gāru mītsu gāru
Creator Laala Manaka & Yui Yumekawa
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Laala Manaka & Yui Yumekawa

A Meeting of Fate! Girl Meets Girl is a Making Drama first used by pair live of Laala Manaka and Yui Yumekawa in Episode 148.

Character Appearances


The Idols performing look towards each other before clasping their hands together as glitter forms around them. A glittering rainbow heart forms in the sky and stretches out towards them and each girl poses, bringing a hand up to the other to form a heart. Between the heart are several flowers, pearls, gems, crescents, and bows. The girls join hands and spin around before hopping into the air, propelled by the rainbow, where they join a single hand and share a final pose with the rainbow heart behind them.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
148, 149, 156, 163
Laala Manaka & Yui Yumekawa
172, 174
Laala Manaka & Yui Yumekawa


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